The Impact

The Syrian crisis is the worst humanitarian crisis in our lifetime and has created a global refugee crisis. One out of 4 of the 21 million refugees in the world is from Syria and 1 out of 5 of the 60 million displaced people in the world are from Syria.

The Syrian crisis has also led to the killing of 500,000 Syrians according to UN estimates, displacement of half of the population, usage of prohibited chemical weapons more than 200 times, destruction of cities and historic landmarks, industrial torture that led to the disappearance of more than 108,000 people. The U.S. Holocaust museum has pictures of 10,000 of the dead.

The crisis normalized attacks on healthcare, mostly by the Syrian regime and Russia, which undermines medical neutrality and Geneva Conventions laws. More than 450 hospitals were bombed according to Physicians for Human Rights and more than 850 doctors and nurses were killed.

The Syrian crisis created an anti-refugee and anti-immigrant sentiment in the West. It also led to the rise of hate groups, Xenophobia/Islamophohia, and Anti-Semitism. These ramifications were labeled as the “Syrianization” of the world.” The Syrian crisis has changed the world as we know it.