Statement of Principles

The Syria Faith Initiative is a coalition of leaders representing faith traditions who wish to mobilize their networks and congregations for lasting peace in Syria. It is a platform for dialogue, education, and assembly between members of faith communities interested in Syria’s future, of all religious and political persuasion and all backgrounds. The Initiative is uniquely poised to reach faith communities inside Syria and work to address the fault lines in Syrian society, which has frayed almost beyond recognition. But it should not be beyond reconciliation; faith communities have played integral roles in conflict resolution elsewhere, and Syria’s historic faith communities keep Syria fertile for hope.

The Syria Faith Initiative promotes humanitarian values both articulated in our own faith traditions and recognized in international humanitarian law (IHL). It also invokes human rights values both relative to various faith traditions and outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It thereby calls on all actors, Syrian, regional, and global, for a cessation of hostilities, and for the protection of Syria’s most vulnerable citizens. All are liable under international law, but escalatory responsibility is assigned all actors involved in the conflict; we believe that with those with the most military and political means judged most severely before God and history.