SFI launches at SCN headquarters in Chicago

We are pleased to announce the successful launching of the Syria Faith Initiative at the Syrian Community Network headquarters in the northside of Chicago on June 7, 2018.

Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Faith leaders, officials from the city of Chicago, and Iranian civic leaders, listened to heart-wrenching story of a Syrian refugee family resettled in Chicago and discussed the role of faith leaders in responding to genocides and made commitment to broaden the circle.

The group wrote a manifesto of principles for SFI which included placing Syria on the agenda of their national meetings, inviting speakers to educate their congregations on the Syrian crisis, using their networks and connections to support humanitarian aid and national reconciliation in Syria, supporting resettlement of Syrian refugees in the US, writing letters to policy makers and the The White House, and starting a national or global day of prayer for Syria.

Rabbi Craig Marantz from Chicago Board of Rabbis volunteered to lead the initiative.

Institutions represented included the City of Chicago, Chicago Board of Rabbis, Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago, Lutheran Synod, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, Rainbow/PUSH coalition, National Iranian American Council, Emanuel Congregation, Baptist Church, Islamic Center of Naperville, The Mecca Center, Syrian Community Network, and MedGlobal.

If you are faith or civic leader and interested to join the effort. Let us know. Your moral voice matters.